Gourds have been around for thousands of years dating back to before 3000 BC. They have been used in the past they were used as functional pieces.(such as, utensils, musical intruments, body adornments, vessels, canteens or dippers) They have been used on all four continents in some form or another.

Today gourds are still used for functionality  but are also being recognized as fine art. This is is what makes gourds special to me, from road side stands and farmers markets to fine art galleries around the world. 

With proper care your will be around long after I am gone. However, that being said as with any fine art, gourds should not be placed in direct sunlight as colors and design will fade and even disappear. They can be dusted with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

If you have a birdhouse that is designed to be hung outside it will have a special marine spar varnish to protect it from the elements. Do bring your birdhouse in with extreme cold weather changes and remove any old nest in the gourd. The varnish will need to be reapplied every few years.

Gourds are pretty sturdy but may break if dropped but can be easily repaired under most circumstances.

Please see the fine, funky and functional gallery pictures and decide which is your favorite and let me know which piece speaks to you! I really look forward to hearing from you.