Lynn Peace Marino "Art from the ground up"

A little bit about me below. Other pages in menu section will provide information about gourd crafting, care of gourd art and pictures of my art available for purchase. Enjoy!

Growing up in a large family of working parents I discovered early on that I enjoyed art and because of limited resources I found myself creating things. Over the years I have explored many types of art mediums, but it was when I discovered the many ways and things that could be created from a gourd that I knew I had finally found "my art"!
 Myself like most gourd artist, listen to the gourd. It begins to talk to me and show me what it should become.(bowl, vase,dragon, bird or sculpture, and how it should relate or feel to others)
I really enjoy the creating process maybe a wee bit more than seeing the finished piece as it transitions from a moldy dirty organic dried vegetable into a whimsical, functional or fine piece of art revealing it's story along the way. It becomes alive once again. I enjoy sharing this with the new owner so they can experience it too.
I have been fortunate, since retiring from a long career in nursing , to have become a successful, award winning gourd artist.

 If you want to know more about gourds, the creative side of gourds or information on how you can purchase one of my pieces you can email or call me.
 I do take credit cards and for a small fee will ship to you .
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                                                 ( Please note, ALL art is copyrighted and is not to be used without my written consent)

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